Drinking out of Baccarat makes everything taste better. Baccarat is a French manufacture of fine crystal located in Baccarat France. They are known for their

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JFK memorabilia

JFK Memorabilia Memorabilia of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy always garner interest and success at auction. Whether it is a signed letter, photograph, personal

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Mantle Clocks

Mantel clocks Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company curates all types of mantel clocks for auction or public or private sale. Whether it’s a single

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Modern Art

Modern Art Wyoming Estate Sales & Auction Company manages all types of modern at via auction, public or private sale, and consignment.  Typical 20th century

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Vintage movie posters

Vintage Movie Posters Vintage movie posters are one of the most exciting collectibles to buy, sell, and enjoy. People of all ages are typically drawn

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Important crystal

SELLING IMPORTANT CRYSTAL Consignment or Auction Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company is more than just a typical ‘estate sale’ firm. They also do consignment,

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American designer, architect, writer, and educator. He was known for designing structures that were in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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Important Photography

FINE ART Black & White Photography Whether you have Black & White Photography, Nude Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, or Celebrity Photography, Wyoming Estate Sales

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Steuben Glass

STEUBEN GLASS If you have an Steuben glass pieces or a Steuben collection for sale, we would like to speak to you.  Steuben is an

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The icon YSL brand was founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent along with his partner Pierre Berge.  In these beginning years they made safari

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Limoges KPM

KPM Limoges For sale, consignment, or auction Many people use the term “Limoges” as though it is a brand name but of course collectors know

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Hans Wagner

Hans Wegner The Perfect Chair If you have any pieces with this style, we have buyers for you. Est $5000.00 Est $5000.00 Est $41,000.00 Est

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Get safety certified

Want to ‘own’ your own safety? BECOME A PERSONAL SAFETY PRACTITIONER See the founders video Situational Self Awareness Take the first step and learn how

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Norman Rockwell Art

Norman Rockwell Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company is accepting consignments for Norman Rockwell art for the upcoming auction highlighting important American authors, painters and

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What exactly is couture?

Haute couture is a french term for “high sewing”, “high dressmaking” or “high fashion”. Meaning it is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted, one-of-a-kind clothing. Haute couture

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collectible pottery

Collectible Pottery

Collectible Pottery Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company manages the sale of all types of important pottery. Whether it’s from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty,

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animation art

Animation Art

Animation Art For most people, especially ‘baby boomers’, animation art will bring an immediate smile to your face and take you back to the time

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milo baughman

Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman furnishings Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company consigns, auctions, and offers all types of vintage furnishings, art, and jewelry for both private and

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