Drinking out of Baccarat
makes everything taste better.

Baccarat is a French manufacture of fine crystal located in Baccarat France.

They are known for their beautiful paperweights, quality stemware, chandeliers, barware, vases, and perfume bottles.

Most sales we manage offer at least one piece of Baccarat.  Baccarat makes a lovely gift for wedding or anniversary and brings beauty to any interior.

We regularly sell individual pieces or large collections of Baccarat for our estate clients.    

$2000.00 retail

While shopping recently I stepped into the Baccarat store to see what was new and to admire these stunning cats.  

The panther below in person is huge. It’s about 20″ long and it must weigh about 20 pounds.  It was $19,000.00. 


$19,000.00 retail
$660.00 retail

Baccarat Barware

Baccarat barware and vases are the most popular pieces we see.  Both new and vintage styles are always desired and collected.  The quality of Baccarat crystal is unsurpassed and I can never resist hearing the musical “ping” sound when gently tapping with a spoon or flicking the edge of the glass with my finger.

How to identify Baccarat?

Paperweights: Look for the letter “B” followed by a year on the paperweights. Typically this marking will be on the bottom but it could also be on one of the colorful ‘canes’ in the design.  In 1849 however the paperweights were only marked with the year, no  letter “B”.

Perfume bottles: From 1920 to present look for an etched logo on the bottom of the base.  The first logo was a wine glass, carafe, and goblet with the words “Baccarat France” printed in a circle

Modern pieces (clocks, ashtrays, jewelry):  Look for the etched word “Baccarat” and not the whole logo. They may also be etched with a large letter B.

Weight: Authentic Baccarat is very heavy. Replicas are not common, but they are easy to spot as they are not as heavy as the true Baccarat pieces.