Designer Hermes items found at estate sale
Designer watch found at estate sale
Designer items found at estate sale

Wyoming Estate Sales and Auctions provides all services surrounding the sale of art, jewels, vehicles, collections, and collectibles whether it is one single item, an entire estate, or a complete business liquidation.


Whether it’s a luxury estate, vacation home, or modest home or condo, Wyoming Estate Sales and Auctions is a good choice if receiving the highest return is desired.

Regardless of the scope of job, management and staff always work with the same high level of service. 

Earning the proper return goes hand in hand in obtaining the highest return which is why the firm spends so much time researching items to insure all values are confirmed before any sales are transacted.

The staff will inventory, research, display, and mark all items for sale. Often if certain or special pieces are better suited for auction, consignment, or private sale, that service will be offered, at no additional charge of course. It is always about doing what is best for the beneficiaries.   

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Auctions is a fine option for items such as fine jewelry, art, memorabilia, designer items, and even some vehicles.

As the firm has over 35 years in auctions, this process of sale is quick, easy, impressive, and fun to experience. Your goods will be displayed to all the right people for maximum exposure. 

Some of the most unusual items, like rare uniforms, rare artwork, collectibles from the Tang dynasty, vintage Rolex, celebrity owned items, Super Bowl rings, and personal presidential items have been very successful at auction.

It is important to always seek the review of a professional before selling any high value items.  You don’t want to accidentally sell something of great value below it’s true value.

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Consignment is an excellent option for sellers that have time for WESAC to find them the perfect buyer.

Consignment is also a good choice because the seller will not have unvetted people coming to their home or place of business which can be extremely dangerous. No one should ever allow potential buyers into their home no matter how pleasant and professional they seem. Allowing a professional firm that holds applicable liability insurance, that always exercises proper security protocols provides sellers complete peace of mind.   

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We know that private sales are crucial for celebrities, high profile individuals, as well as many collectors and investors.

Wyoming Estate Sales and Auctions understands confidentially and knows how to prepare paperwork and communications to insure private information is kept classified.

Contact us for a confidential conversation. 

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Wyoming Estate Sales and Auction Company provides appraisal services for all types of goods such as fine art, fine jewels, Asian art, collectibles, coin collections, vehicles, baseball cards, and alike. There is no item that WESAC cannot valuate.

Whether the need is to just update files, court ordered, or to obtain the current market value in anticipation of sale, WESAC can provide the valuation needed.

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